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Eyemage Productions is a dynamic production studio with a hunger for telling the untold stories. Founded by award-winning photographer & cinematographer Chris Schmid in 2010, he has attracted creatives who share his passion of producing content that challenges perspectives.

We are specialized in professional aerial drone filming and photography. We are using Sony and RED cameras for our productions.

Leading organisations have been turning to Eyemage’s distinct brand of storytelling – presented through vivid imagery – to help deliver their message.

Our curiosity for the extraordinary is the passion that motivates us the most.

There are countless incredible real-life stories out there that need to be told. We feel so privileged that we are able to seek some out and share some of them with a larger audience.

“We love seeking out untold stories that need a voice”

We begin each project with a blank canvas, an open mind to learn something new. To effectively communicate to others, you first have to form a solid understanding of your subject.

If you have a story that needs to be told, we’re all ears.

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Outdoor photography

On land and Aerial

Give us your photographic project in our hands and we’ll make it as you wish. We work with professional digital camera.


On land and Aerial

We are working with RED and Sony digital cameras to achieve an incredible resolution for your movies in Full HD or 4K. Our drones are stabilized and we use professional digital camera in order to give you the best possible results in Full HD and 4K.

Photo editing

We edit all the photography after the shooting and make a special selection for you. It will be delivered via our online services or hard drive.

Video editing

We can edit and create your movie directly in our office with professional softwares. Just tell us what you wish. We will take care of everything.

Our Team

Meet our team who made things happen

Carolina Camargo

Personal assistant

Chris Schmid

Director & Photographer

Our Awesome Team

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Filming and Photography

We’re in the business of changing the vision.
We are here to help you to create breathtaking video and photo for private, corporate and television & film industry.

We’re using professional drones with stabilized camera gimbal, GPS, failsafe mode equipped with high resolution cameras. We can record full HD and 4K video and takes high resolution photographies.

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