Welcome to Eyemage Drone Still + Motion

28 Sep 2013

Our team directed by Outdoor Award Winning Photographer Chris Schmid provides professional aerial video and photography for your events, company, advertising and much more. We are also specialized in video and photography editing to deliver you a full product to share with your audience.



21 May 2013

I have spent the last 6 years working as a freelance photographer specialized in nature, outdoor and sports photography commissioned by a variety of clients around the world. I’m in charge of the Eyemage Drone Still + Motion project. Check my website www.schmidchris.com for more information.


21 May 2013

Give us your photographic project in our hands and we’ll make it as you wish. We work with professional digital camera.


21 May 2013

Our drone is stabilized and we use professional digital camera in order to give you the best possible results.

Photo Editing

21 May 2013

We edit all the photography after the shooting and make a special selection for you.

Video editing

21 May 2013

We can edit and create your movie directly in our office with professional softwares. Just tell us what you wish.

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Funny Martian

These guys are simply outstanding! Being able to delegate a project completely and then be surprised by the outcome.

John Doe


21 May 2013

Photography has always been part of my life, but most actively since 2008. I find through the art of photography the way to express myself. Above all I want my pictures to generate emotions. Being able to amaze people is an incredible feeling. Photographing our environment is also a good way to make people aware […]



21 May 2013

I love nothing more than being a integral part of the creative process; working as a team to create amazing still and motion content. I’m ready to step up and help in any way a production requires. This often includes assisting, makeup & hair, casting talent, booking travel and packing gear.